New Home Buyers Decide in 15 Seconds

Smelly Homes for DaleAccording to a recent research article, new home buyers make up their mind if they like or don't like the home in the first 15 seconds.  Part of that decision is the smell they encounter when they walk in the door or explore the home.  Smells send a very strong message, and bad smells send a subliminal message that something is wrong.

CDC Worries about Outbreak of deadly MERS Virus

As the deadly MERS virus continues to infect people throughout the Middle East and Europe, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has begun to prepare for the disease’s potential spread to the United States.

Currently, the U.S. has had no confirmed cases of the MRSA virus, a respiratory infection that researchers say is similar to SARS – though more deadly.

Cost Effective, Very Effective, and No Chemicals

Odor Elimination ServiceAmericans spend billions on fragrances, sprays, and household cleaners to help their homes and workplaces smell better.  However, there is a downside.  These canned products are chemicals capable of promoting cancer and aggravating allergies and asthma.  People with chemical sensitivities may suffer from these innocent efforts to "Clean the Air."  Instead, these chemicals are polluting the air.  

Why mask odors when you can TOTALLY ELIMINATE them and sanitize at the same time?  OdorXout Carolinas is certified and comitted to odor removal and sanitizing.  We use processes that have been approved by the EPA and FDA to permanently remove odors from homes, vehicles, and workplaces.