The BioZone Protection System

Germs are everywhere!  The best cleaning is quickly compromised with one sneeze or dirty hand.  So far, the best we had was cleaning products, but now there is the BioZone Protectant system that treats the key contagion paths.  There are four avenue for the spread of infection:

Contaminated Surface:  We apply an invisible coating on all surfaces (soft or hard) that inhibits bacteria and germs with a non-toxic, non-leaching coating that can last for SIX MONTHS.  We apply BioZone Protectant to carpets, walls, furniture, and all surfaces.  This is better than a cleaning service because we reach everywhere and the protection is 24/7 working to keep bacteria and germs from colonizing in areas shared by the community.

Contaminated Hands:  Get rid of your present hand sanitizer and use the BioZone Hand Sanitizer.  There is no alcohol and no Triclosan.  Just a very effective foam dispenser that is good for your hands but bad for germs.  One application can last for hours of germ protecting safety.

Contaminated Clothing and Uniforms:  We use a special version BioZone Protectant to protect uniforms and clothing with the same long-lasting, germ-inhibiting power.  You will also find that clothing will not smell because odor-causing bacteria cannot live on a BioZone protected surface.

Break the Cycle of Infection by making Surfaces Unfriendly to Germs

We know hand washing is an important part of disease control.  We have all the tools to stop germs from colonizing in the shared areas of homes, offices, schools, day cares, medical offices, and workout centers.

Day Care Centers, Schools, and Play Areas

We can treat every surface, including carpets, equipment, toys, tables, and play equipment.  We can treat towels with BioZone with our bacteria inhibiting process.  Now, the towels will not get a bad smell and germs will not breed in it.  We can provide bottles of BioZone to wipe down equipment between treatments to keep high-traffic areas at their peak of germ protection.  

Sport Gear, Uniforms, and Locker Rooms

We are specially excited to bring the BioZone protection to the sports community.  Using our comprehensive system, it is possible to reduce infection to the absolute minimum.  We can treat locker rooms, gyms, work-out equipment with no harm to the equipment.  Place our BioZone Hand Sanitizer in key areas.  people truly love this product and it works for more than minutes on hands.  Hours later, the BioZone hand sanitizer will be fighting bacteria.

Sports gear and unforms have two big problems.  SMELL and GERMS.  Since most of those nasty locker room smells are bacteria living on sweat, BioZone will keep sports gear and uniforms from foul smells for the life of the product.  BioZone Protectant can reduce the spread of disease from shared clothing and indirect contact because it has the lasting action of destroying germs that land on the surface.

Yet, BioZone is a Green product, non-toxic when dry, non-leaching in food areas, impossible to detect, but really bad for germs.

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