Bio-Sanitizing with Ozone

Sanitize Your Building with OdorXoutSanitizing is the normal and natural duty for ozone.  Many of us have smelled the "Fresh Air" that comes after a spring thundershower.  The air seems so refreshing and rich.  Ozone is part of this process.  Lightning discharges form large volumes of ozone that linger for up to an hour after the rain has passed.  But, there is more.  

Nearly 100 years ago, it was discovered that ozone is the send most powerful sterilant in the world.  It is 3000 more effective than chlorine in water.  Ozone is 2.5 times more better than bleach as a germicide.  The trouble is it cannot be bottled or sold as a commodity by chemical distributors.

Ozone and hydroxyl processes attack bacteria and virus by destroying the outer membrane.  There is no defense as the gas penetrates throughout the building.  Medical and food service facilities are pleased to know that there is no residue or VOCs created by this process.

In addition to the normal cleaning, concerned organizations will treat their facilities once a month or once a quarter to reduce the growing concerns for infections.  

Bacteria cannot mutate to avoid ozone attacks.  It kills germs with the same effect the first time and the hundredth time.

Gym, Spas, and workout centers must be concerned about the ongoing sanitation process of their facility.  With so much lose contact, sweat, and interaction, a sports facility cannot rely on asking customers to "Wipe down the Equipment" when done,  This has little value in the spread of disease.

Schedule a consultation with our certified odor specialist.  We will map out a program that will provide the triple punch that will keep your facility and your clients safe.  

WarningFleas and dust mites are adversely affected by ozone used in our deodorization process.  We are not a pest service, but ozone has a adverse impact on these unwanted pests.  It is not uncommon to find that fleas, dust mites, and other small insects are harmed by the deodorization process.

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