OdorXout Carolinas Introduces Odor Removal Innovation

Chad Ayers has been in the odor removal business for years.  Ozone has been one of his best treatments, but recently, Chad has began using Decon Five as part of OMG Sanitized program.  There are big reasons for the change to Decon Five.  The treatment is a mist/spray solution that can treat every area in the building in less time.  The results are remarkable.  There is no linger chemical odor. In fact, Decon Five is biodegradable and leaves no toxic residue.

Decon Five treats any type of odor problem.  Just be sure to clean well in advance of the treatment.  Cleaning is always the first duty, and also improves the overall impact of Decon Five.

Decon Five is also a sanitizing treatment.  The treatment offers a 99.99999% sanitizing program that is considered a No Touch" application.  this prevent cross-contamination.  Gyms, medical building, restaurants, and schools can improve their disease prevention with just one application of Decon Five in the face of an infection problem.  Routine treatment of Decon Five will go a long way in preventing the infectious diseases in communal and public areas.

So, Decon Five eliminates odors and sanitizes.  It also kills mold and mildew on contact and neutralizes mold spores.

The mist grabs and holds pollution in the air.  So, those with allergies, asthma, chemical sensitivities, and poor health often feel great relief after a treatment.  Decon Five will greatly improve the indoor air quality which can be an ongoing health issue.