Bio-Sanitizing with Ozone

Ozone is an excellent way to remove odors, sanitize, and remove smoke smell.  However, wouldn't it be nice if each of these benefits lasted for months after the treatment?  We are pleased to be able to offer professional ozone treatment as an excellent way to destroy odors and inhibit bacteria in any facility.  Ozone is non-toxic, non-leaching and very effective.

Ozone is the solution for Schools, Day Cares, Medical Facilities, Gyms, Hotels, Offices and Homes.

Ozone is professionally applied to nearly any kind of facility.  We can treat soft material like clothes, carpet, and furniture.  Or we can treat surface throughout the building.  Odors are removed, germs are treated, and a fresh smell remains behind.

Germs spread by Direct Contact with people, Indirect Contact with shared surfaces, or coughs and sneezes.  With a little care on how to sneeze, the BioZone System will interrupt the contagion cycle.  We are pleased to demonstrate and provide this non-chemcial, year-round antimicrobial treatment.

Cleaning is not sanitizing.  The EPA points out that sanitizers must be on the surface for 2-8 minutes to kills common bacteria and virus.  Cleaning programs do not allow for proper sanitizing practices.  Plus, consider the real cost of manpower and toxic chemicals to sanitize a building.  Ozone can be applied to all surfaces, walls, and material in far less time with far greater results.  


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