New Home Buyers Decide in 15 Seconds

Homes for Sale CarolinaAccording to a recent research article, new home buyers make up their mind if they like or don't like the home in the first 15 seconds.  Part of that decision is the smell they encounter when they walk in the door or explore the home.  Smells send a very strong message, and bad smells send a subliminal message that something is wrong.

Bad smells include smoke odors, pet odors, cooking odors, musty or mildew smells.  Worse yet, are the hard-to-define smells that haunt homes like ghosts of past owners.  They can include elderly or sick former residents.  Some odors come from odd things done in the basement including caged reptiles, aquariums, and a failed freezer that left a foul smell that no one could clean.

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