Get the Smell out of Gym, Spas, and Workout Centers

Rid of Gym SmellThere are two big concerns that can have profound affect on the members of any gym, spa, or workout center.  They are SMELL and GERMS.  Odor and smell tend to go together, and most of these workout facilities rely on their cleaning program to do the job.  Certainly, the cleaning program is essential to gyms, but there are many basics that can be ignored or poorly applied.  This is where the consulting side of our business kicks in.  In order to certify the operation, the total cleaning and air handling process needs a full review.

To create the right environment, there are three key areas to look at:

1- The cleaning process  (dirt, grit, and grime)

2- The air system  (HVAC)

3- The sanitizing process (microbial impact)

All of these aspects blends into the healthy environment and has a very real impact on those who visit or work in the building.  During a Odor and Sanitizing Consultation, a review of each of these process.  However, the often ignored issue is the microbial impact that is the source of most odors and germ opportunities.  We provide immediate and long-term programs that will provide a fresh-smelling and germ-free environment. 

OdorXout bring proprietary skills and tools to the program not found elsewhere.  Odors are hard to resolve but a real turn-off to patrons.  Every gym that has people in physical contact with equipment needs to know that "Wiping Down the Equipment" is a small step toward a safe and sanitary process.  There are three critical ways to insure that your facility will not become "Ground Zero" for a disease passed along to paying customers.

Our three step process is amazingly effective and allows the patrons to feel safe and secure at the facility.  The truth is that there is a segment of society that worries about the health implications of a gym or workout center.  This goes well beyond the exercise aspect.  The more people frequenting your facility, the higher the likelihood that germs will pass to unsuspecting visitors.  

Odor removal should not be reactive, but proactive.  OdorXout knows how to permanently get rid of odors and keep any facility fresh and odor-free.  As a professional sanitizing service, OdorXout can do what a cleaning service can never accomplish

To find out more about our program, use our CONTACT PAGE.  Or service can make great improvements in the quality or any gym or workout center.